Required VFR Instruments: A-TOMATO-FLAMES


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On your checkride, you will need to know 91.205(b) which specifies VFR Day Instrument Requirements for flight. 

We use the acronym A-TOMATO-FLAMES to remember the required equipment.



Oil temperature gauge 

Magnetic compass 

Airspeed Indicator 

Temperature gauge (for liquid-cooled engines) 

Oil pressure 

Fuel quantity gauge 

Landing gear position indicator (for retractable landing gear) 

Anti-collision lights – (for aircraft certified after March 11th, 1996)

Manifold pressure gauge (for airplanes with a constant speed propeller) 



Note:  If the aircraft was not built with equipment, it is not required. For example, a Cessna 172 has an air-cooled engine and fixed landing gear. 

Further reading:  Airplane Flying Handbook Chapter 2FAR/AIM 14 CFR § 91.205 .

Airplane Flying Handbook