Rambo from Frosted Faces Foundation – Adventure Saturday

My 7-year-old daughter Ava and I took Rambo (very sweet 15-year-old Pointer dog) from Frosted Faces Foundation on an adventure/ outing this afternoon. We wanted him to feel cherished and loved – so we did a full itinerary of chickie nuggies, a visit to Zach at Montgomery Field – (he got to be an airport hangar bum for a little bit!), a Dog Spa visit, and a Puppacino run! All things that we enjoy doing with our dogs Penny and Peso – we wanted him to get to enjoy!

Getting settled in the Jeep in Ramona
Checking out the Rady Children’s Hospital Pilatus
Picture with the pilot (Zach).
Rady Children’s Helicopter… aka the “Kid Copter”
Being an airport bum for a bit.
Chilling with Ava in the hangar.
We stopped by Dunkin Dogs for a bath.
Warm water and a massage feels good.
Puppacino before heading back to Ramona.

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