Private Pilot Preflight Quiz – Can You Name These Trainer Aircraft Parts

The preflight is often covered on the first or second lesson, and then CFIs put students in charge in determining if an aircraft is ready for a flight. And while a checklist should always be used, not everything is defined on a checklist.

In another article, I discuss the preflight on the CFI checkride, and things that applicants should specifically mention. I created a quiz (free printable PDF right here) which tests some of these things. The quiz is also below. It is by no means comprehensive, but designed to check some of the basics.


Piano Hinge         Alternator Belt         Oleo Strut 

Beacon Light         Cotter Pin         Fuel Vent 

Elevator Trim Tab                     Vertical Stabilizer         Static Port 

1. _________________________

2. ________________________

3. ________________________





8. ________________________

9. ________________________

Answer Key 

1. Alternator Belt

2. Piano Hinge

3. Oleo Strut 

4. Cotter Pin 

5. Vertical Stabilizer 

6. Fuel Vent 

7. Static Port 

8. Beacon Light 

9. Elevator Trim Tab

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