Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights – An Unconventional Memoir

Alright alright alright…. this book is a treat, another silver lining 2020 has gifted us. You know that a book is good when you’re sad that it’s over, and that’s how I felt after finishing this one.  I recently listened to Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights on audibleand enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. Matthew is a great storyteller, he is witty and knows how to build a story and paint a picture that feels real. His stories are folksy, matter-of-fact, and without a trace of ego. 

I know a few people who are good at telling stories, when they get going you know that you will enjoy the telling of the story even more than the story itself.  Matthew reflects on his adventures in a way that you want to listen.   You feel like you were there when he was building the 100 foot treehouse as a kid, on the golf course in La Quinta with his brother, floating down the Amazon river, and at his home in Texas when the cops came. He doesn’t shy away from embarrassing and difficult moments, like showing up for a role thinking he would just own it, without realizing the role was a monologue in Spanish. 

This story is an easy read filled with Matthew’s “greenlight” moments in life, as well as the red lights and yellow lights that have required him to pause or slow down. Listening to this on audible feels like you’re sitting around the campfire with a friend telling stories. It also made me think about some of the moments in my life that have been exceptionally difficult, and how through each one of them, I’ve learned and grown. 

I liked that this book was different than your typical memoir, it was short enough that it didn’t feel long, and the reader/listener felt welcomed. Relatable and remarkable, it made me think of the greenlights in my own life, and the ones that I’m working towards. 

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