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Ava in the Pilatus at Montgomery Field (KMYF)

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I know flight training is expensive. I know it also has a high drop-out rate. I’ve listed the following resources below to help you save money and know some of your options. So you can reach your goals!

FREE Student Pilot Resources

➡️ Create a FREE Sporty’s Flight Training Account

➡️ King Schools: Your First Flying Lesson (Free Online Course)

➡️ Get a Free Six-Month Membership to AOPA

➡️ Get a Free 30-Day Trial of Foreflight

➡️ Online Version of the Airplane Flying Handbook

➡️ Private Pilot Knowledge Test Youtube Playlist

➡️ Cyndy Hollman Youtube Channel

➡️ King Schools – Free FAA Private Pilot Test

Reading and Study Materials

➡️ Basics Of Pilot Certification: Aircraft Category And Class ( ⚬ PDF)

➡️ Primary Flight Controls ( ⚬ PDF)

➡️ Reading and Understanding METARS ( ⚬ PDF)

➡️ Required VFR Instruments: A-TOMATO-FLAMES ( ⚬ PDF)

➡️ Carburetor Icing Probability Chart

FREE PDF Printable Review Quizzes

➡️ Private Pilot Preflight Quiz – Can You Name These Aircraft Parts?

➡️ Private Pilot Knowledge Review Quiz – Multiple Choice – this a brief refresher of items that might come up on the check ride. It includes a review of some airport signs and markings and VFR chart items. (Video Discussion)

➡️. Private Pilot Knowledge Review Quiz – Fill in the Blank (Video Discussion)

Online Ground Schools 

Note: Ground instruction and ground school are two different things. Ground instruction occurs before + after the flight portion of the lesson. Ground school is a requirement to take a written test, required by the FAA. 

The FAA says (in their airman testing matrix)  an airman applicant may present  a written statement or logbook endorsement from an authorized ground or flight instructor certifying that the applicant completed an applicable ground training or home study course and is prepared for the knowledge test (14 CFR § 61.35, 61.96(b)(3) or 61.103(d)(2)).

There are many online ground schools available. The following are some of the most popular options.

➡️ King Schools – Online Private Pilot Written Exam Course ($279) 

➡️ Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course – Private Pilot Test Prep (Online, App and TV) ($249) 

➡️ MZeroA – Jason Schappert’s Ground School Academy ($97/month and up) 

➡️ Fly8MA – 2020 Private Pilot Ground School Premium ($299 for one year access, or $79/month subscription) 

➡️ Gleim – Online Ground School: Private Pilot ($109.95) 

➡️ Jeppesen – Private Pilot Online Part 61 One-Year HTML5 Subscription ($239) 

➡️ Rod Machado – Rod Machado’s 40-hour Private Pilot Elearning Ground School.