CFI Oral Lesson Plans – Index

Refer to the CFI PTS for more information.

  1. Fundamentals of Instruction The examiner shall select Task E and one other Task.

Fundamentals of Instruction: Human Behavior and Effective Communication (Task A) ✅

Fundamentals of Instruction: The Learning Process (Task B) ✅

Fundamentals of Instruction: The Teaching Process (Task C) ✅

Fundamentals of Instruction: Assessment and Critique (Task D)

Fundamentals of Instruction: Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism (Task E) ✅

Fundamentals of Instruction: Techniques of Flight Instruction (Task F) ✅

Fundamentals of Instruction: Risk Management (Task G) ✅

2. Technical Subject Areas The examiner must select Task B, M, and at least one other Task.

Aeromedical Factors (Task A) ✅

Runway Incursion Avoidance (Task B) ✅

Visual Scanning and Collision Avoidance (Task C) ✅

Principles of Flight (Task D) ✅

Airplane Flight Controls (Task E) ✅

Airplane Weight and Balance (Task F) ✅

Navigation and Flight Planning (Task G) ✅

Night Operations (Task H) ✅

High Altitude Operations (Task I) ✅

14 CFR and Publications (Task J) ✅

National Airspace System (Task K) ✅

Navigation Systems and Radar Services (Task L) ✅

Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements (Task M) ✅

3. Preflight Preparation The examiner must select at least one Task.

Certificates and Documents (Task A) ✅

Weather Information (Task B) ✅

Operation of Systems (Task C) ✅

Performance and Limitations (Task D) ✅

Airworthiness (Task E) ✅

4. Preflight Lesson on a Maneuver to be Performed in Flight Examiner must select at least one maneuver Task from Areas of Operation VII through XIII, and ask the applicant to present a preflight lesson on the selected maneuver as the lesson would be taught to the student.

➡ Maneuver Lesson (Task A)

5. Preflight Procedures The examiner must select at least one task.

➡ Preflight Inspection (Task A)

➡. Cockpit Management (Task B)

➡ Engine Starting (Task C)

➡Taxiing – Landplane (Task D)

6. Airport and Seaplane Base Operations The examiner must select at least one task.

Radio Communications and ATC Light Signals (Task A)✅

Traffic Patterns (Task B) ✅

➡ Airport/Seaplane Base, Runway and Taxiway Signs, Markings, and Lighting (Task C)

7. Takeoffs and Landings The examiner must select at least two takeoff and two landing Tasks.

Normal Takeoffs (Task A) ✅

Crosswind Takeoffs (Task A) ✅

Short-Field Take-Offs (Task B) ✅

Soft Field Takeoffs (Task C) ✅

➡ Glassy Water Takeoff (Task D) ❌

➡ Rough Water Takeoff (Task E) ❌

Normal Landings (Task F)

Crosswind Landings (Task F)

Forward Slip to Landing (Task G)

Short-Field Landings (Task I)

Soft Field Approaches and Landing (Task J)

Power-Off 180° Accuracy Landing (Task K)

8. Fundamentals of Flight

Straight and Level Flight (Task A) ✅

Normal Climbs (Task C)

Descents (Task D)

9. Performance Maneuvers The examiner must select at least Tasks A or B and C or D.

Steep Turns (Task A) ✅

Steep Spirals (Task B) ✅

Chandelles (Task C) ✅

Lazy Eights (Task D) ✅

X. Ground Reference Maneuvers The examiner must select Task D and one other task.

Rectangular Courses (Task A) ✅

S-Turns Across a Road (Task B) ✅

Turns around a Point (Task C) ✅

Eights on Pylons (Task D)

XI. Slow Flight, Stalls, and Spins The examiner must select at least one proficiency stall (Task B or C), at least one demonstration stall (Task D, E. F, or H), and Task G.

Slow Flight (Task A) ✅

Power-On Stalls (Task B) ✅

Power-Off Stalls (Task C) ✅

➡ Cross-Controlled Stalls (Task D)

Elevator Trim Stalls (Task D) ✅

➡ Secondary Stalls (Task F)

Spins (Task G) ✅

Accelerated Stalls (Task H) ✅

XII. Basic Instrument Maneuvers The examiner must select at least one Task

Straight and Level Flight (Task A) ✅

Constant Airspeed Climbs (Task B) ✅

Constant Airspeed Descents (Task C)

Turns to Headings (Task D)

Unusual Attitudes (Task E) ✅

XIII. Emergency Operations The examiner must select at least Tasks A and B.

Emergency Approach and Landing (Task A)

Emergency Descents (Task D)

Miscellaneous Other Lesson Plans


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How It Works: The Carburetor System, Carb Ice, and Carb Heat

How It Works: The Cessna 172 Fuel System

Lights, Camera Action

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  1. Open the PTS for both CFI and PPL and CPL and formulate lessons plans for every line. I have a binder of about 200 pages I have sat down and typed up. Took me a good 6 months to complete but that’s how most do it. Also go into the oral with a plan of action. In other words, come in and say “I plan to teach you this this and this”. Be sure to run through the PTS as specified at the top of every section. Remember you are trying to become a CFI, it’s you job to take control of the lesson. I was not asked a single question thought-out the whole oral because I left no room for questions. Every word was thought out before hand and ever picture was pre drawn months before. CFI is a lot of work. But you can do it.

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