CFI Checkride Oral Prep: Runway Incursions Lesson Plan

Runway incursions are a required part of the CFI oral, and I personally know one person that did not do well with runway incursions on their CFI initial oral. Not naming names to protect the redeemed. So I’ve been trying to prepare for this – my biggest fear is being asked something and either drawing a huge blank from being so nervous, or somehow have completely missed studying and having to say – I don’t know. I know that practice can prevent either of those scenarios from happening, and also make the checkride be closer to 3-4 hours than 5-6, or worse.

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CFI Knowledge Quiz: Learning Theories and Domains

As my checkride date nears later in November, I’m going through all the material and have been preparing quizzes and reviews for myself. This morning I made one on learning theories and domains. As an instructor, it’s necessary to consider students’ needs individually, as everyone learns in different ways. Some students are creative, intuitive, and emotional (right brain dominance), while others are more verbal, analytical, and objective (left brain dominance).

Of course, this quiz is not comprehensive, but it is a good review. The answers are included at the end. You can print out the quiz right here.

More Private Pilot Checkride Prep – Multiple Choice Questions and FREE PDF

I’m back again with another quiz, this time a 10 question multiple-choice review. This is a brief refresher of items that might come up on the check ride. It includes a review of some airport signs and markings and  VFR chart items. The 10th question pertains to sport pilot cross country requirements – this is different for a private pilot certificate. 

Click right here to print the PDF of the quiz.