Did Cessna 185 N9725Z Break Up In-Flight over Alaska?


A fatal plane crash last month in rural Alaska left many unanswered questions, that the National Transportation SafetyBoard will take some time to investigate. The Preliminary Accident and Incident Report stated that the aircraft, N9725Z, a 1966 Cessna 185 Skywagon, crashed on February 4, 2021, under unknown circumstances in remote mountainous terrain near the Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve, northeast of Chitina, Alaska. The aircraft was operated by the family-owned Copper Valley Air Service, based at Gulkana Airport in Glennallen.  It was en route from Gulkana (PAGK) to McCarthy Airport (PAMX) when it crashed. Read the Kathryn’s Report summary here.

Unfortunately, there were no survivors, and rough terrain made it difficult to locate the wreckage. According to Alaska Native News, it took two days for Alaska State Troopers and National Park Service to reach the scene of the crash, which was located in a wooded area on a slope. 

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Book Review: True Crime Addict by James Renner (Maura Murray book)

True Crime Addict by James Renner

Book Number 5 of 2021 was True Crime Addict: How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray. Before I read it, I was familiar with the mysterious vanishing of Maura Murray, having listened to several of the podcasts discussing her case.  If you’re not familiar, see Investigation Discovery summary here. 

There is definitely enough content to Maura’s story to dedicate to an entire book. But I didn’t feel that Renner honored Maura or her family, nor did he honor his own family. I really don’t know that I’d want Renner involved if a member of my family was missing. Maura’s story is mysterious with some major oddities. Renner covers the story pretty well, and obviously has spent a large amount of time researching the case. 

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Discovery Plus Review – 23 Cents a Day for Ad-Free Streaming of 55,000+ Episodes

A year ago, in February 2020 (right before COVID hit), Zach and I ditched cable. At the time we had AT&T and it was expensive, while starting to feel outdated. I didn’t like that I couldn’t watch it on my iPad, like Netflix or Amazon Prime.  AT&T fought us hard and slapped us with a nasty breakup fee. They rope subscribers into these contracts that are surprisingly difficult to get out of if you’re not moving to a remote island in Alaska without electricity. 

After freeing ourselves from AT&T, I switched to YoutubeTV and was hooked. It easily integrated with AppleTV and our bedroom Roku. At the time, I was commuting to Dallas a lot and I really liked how it had unlimited streaming DVR and  I could watch Youtube TV on my laptop or iPad. 

Discovery Plus Platform
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Photos From Hiking Combs Peak – Anza Borrego State Park

Today Zach and I hiked Combs Peak in San Diego (4.7 miles up to 6,193 feet) – and saw the rare United States Coast and Geodetic Survey marker dated 1939! The Combs Peak area is beautiful San Diego County chaparral landscape, with manzanita, scrub oak, buckthorn, red shanks and chamise densely covering the mountain slopes.

Combs Peak is only one of 10 named 6000-foot peaks in San Diego County and the 8th highest. There is an old Yuban can at the top, with a small notepad inside. We left a note and read everyone else’s secrets!

This hike is listed as hike #4 of the SD 100 challenge! I’ve only done a few of the other hikes, definitely need to get out and hike more!

Valentine’s Date with Frosted Faces Abraham

Today we took Abraham from Frosted Faces Foundation on a date. Abraham’s days are short as he has lung cancer, but we dried our watery eyes and gave him a fun day! We went to Sonic for a hot dog, stopped by and visited Zach at Montgomery Field for treats and pets, and then went to Fiesta Island where he got his toes in the water and breathed in the saltwater air! I didn’t expect it but he really seemed to like Ava – they walked up and down the beach a few times. He is looking for a hospice home/forever foster for however many days he has left. He is a good boy and his legs still work well. If your living situation could accommodate him, please consider this special honor of giving him the best days of his life. He absolutely deserves it!

Should You Invest with Robinhood or Webull in 2021? A Consideration of Options and Alternatives

On January 29, 2021 – in the midst of the historic Reddit Gamestop small investors vs. hedge fund “short squeeze” frenzy, more than 600,000 people downloaded the Robinhood trading app.

Despite being cast as the bad guy, new investors signed up for Robinhood in droves. The company’s zero balance requirement and low fee structure make it appealing to everyone. 

Bloomberg’s headline read “Robinhood Traders Bash the App But Just Can’t Leave It.” The classic hate it, but won’t quit it, scenario. Sounds like a lot of people and their jobs. We push past our reservations, reasoning that a better option just isn’t out there. There is certainly no shortage of options for commission free trading. Options in 2021 include InteractiveBrokers, Sofi, Ally Invest, Webull, TD ameritrade, Merrill Edge, You Invest by J.P. Morgan, Vanguard, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab. And the list goes on. 

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Book Review: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

I recently read Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. This book was published in April 2019 –  I had seen it on multiple trips to Barnes and Noble and finally dove in, not sure what to expect. After reading it, I am not surprised it has received 13,400 reviews on Goodreads. It’s a good read! 

It isn’t a self-help book or an explosive celebrity memoir, but it is deep, and I felt better for reading it. I also felt glad to have participated in therapy in the times in my own life that I have, including last year. There is so much good that comes from working on ourselves and editing our stories. Therapy has given me a peaceful calm and a renewed hope. 

Lori (the author), is a therapist who is treating patients in her Southern California practice. We get to know a few of her patients: Julie, a newlywed with terminal breast cancer, Rita, a senior citizen contemplating suicide while feeling the weight of her mistakes decades earlier, and John, a Hollywood producer trying to save his marriage while grappling with extreme grief. 

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The Case for Dogecoin in February 2021 – Why the ‘Joke Currency’ Isn’t a Joke

The word crypto is enough for some people to keep scrolling.  And specifically Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency “started as a joke.” How do you even say Doge? Is it doggie, doe-gie, or dohj? What is that silly Shiba Inu dog?  Why are there memes everywhere?Words like altcoin, blockchain, mining, digital tokens, hash rates – are all unfamiliar. We write crypto off quickly. It sounds so foreign, it must be a gimmick. It can’t possibly be serious investing. Why would we waste time with that? 

Why We Missed the Crypto Boom of the Last Decade: Limiting Beliefs

The Shiba Inu is a dog, not a joke.

It’s easy to say we’re being practical. All these rationalizations for dismissing something new are at their core, limiting beliefs. Looking at history, limiting beliefs can be a source of huge regret

NY Times writer Kevin Roose wrote about his limiting beliefs about cryptocurrency in December 2017, in an article titled “I Was Wrong About Bitcoin. Here’s Why.” He shares the story of buying a single bitcoin in 2013, which at the time required him to go to CVS and send $140 via Moneygram. That alone is enough for some people to shake their heads and say “not for me.” 

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Start Investing Now – Get Started with Stocks, Bonds, and Crypto (Including Dogecoin)

Investing is like exercise. It’s never too late to join the game, and a little better bit is better than nothing. When we have volatile days like January 28, 2021, there is natural curiosity about the market. Elon’s cryptic tweets of a whippet on a Dogue magazine cover only add to the curiosity.

What does that Dogecoin dog have to do with anything?
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FAA Targets Weathervane Aviation Services – Proposes $1 Million Penalty Against Alleged Illegal Charter Operator

N402BK – Courtesy FlightAware

On January 25, 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  issued a news release stating that the agency has proposed a $1,001,000 civil penalty against Weathervane Aviation Services. The Feds allege the company operated an illegal charter and used unqualified pilots. 

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