Matt James Bachelor Episode 2 Recap: This Episode is About Queen Victoria + The First Airplane Ever Invented

We’re back at Nemacolin Resort (Farmington, PA) for week 2 of the  Bach. The opening promo promises a rose ceremony health event that is sure to be, you guessed it, dramatic. Opening B-roll shows leaves changing colors and birds chirping, and a chilly September morning. 

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Sidenote: We know from Bustle that Matt handed over his phone at the beginning of filming on September 22, putting the Bach filming schedule back on track for 2021 events. Due to COVID, Bachelor in Paradise did not film in 2020. 

The episode starts with Matt jogging around the resort, and we hear a voice over of how incredibly wonderful the women were that he met the night before. Matt speaks of being hopeful and anxious, and not having found true love yet. 

Next, the group is filmed walking what I presume to be the entryway of Nemacolin. Sarah, the broadcast journalist from San Diego, talks about the fall leaves and says that Nemacolin is a beautiful place to fall in love. 

And of course, we get a brief clip of Victoria, 27 saying “This is, my Kingdom and Matt’s my King.” ABC had to remind us that she is in fact, a Queen. 

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A champagne toast is quickly followed by the arrival of Chris Harrison, who congratulates Abigail on receiving the first impression rose. Chris says there will be three dates, one group date and two one-on-one dates. Chris then says not everyone in the group will get a date, which leads to an in-the-moment with Khayla, 28, from North Carolina, saying the prospect of not going on a date with Matt is terrifying. 

Chris announces the dates start “right now” and tosses down a date card, before high-tailing it out of the room. 

Chelsea grabs the date card while Jessenia, 27, from San Antonio, talks about wanting a date card. Doesn’t everyone? 

The first one-on-one date goes to Bri, 24, from San Francisco. The card reads “Love is an adventure.” 

We see Bri packing her bag, and then she’s walking out into the countryside with Matt, where some four-wheel ATV vehicles are waiting. Matt helps her with her helmet and they ride off in front of the other women, who proceed to analyze why Matt picked her. Victoria tells the group she wanted to be on the date.

After a commercial, we see Matt and Bri riding around the resort, and Matt appears to be a much more skilled operator than Bri. She hops on with Matt and they proceed to ride around the mud, spinning, until they are both ejected, but not hurt. Matt apologizes to Bri’s mom to the camera. 

They find a picnic spot which coincidentally has a wood-fired hot tub. Matt chops the wood, and they are in the hot tub, sipping champagne, and reminiscing on the near-death experience. Bri gets a kiss. 

The show goes back to the women at the resort, discussing Victoria, and how things will go for the rest of the season, and whether her “Queen” persona is real. 

After a commercial break, Bri and Matt have cleaned up from their ATV date, and they are in a private candle-lit room, laughing about the date, which leads to Matt and Bri talking about her upbringing and family. They share a toast to a continued adventure and exploring love.

Then we are back with the girls and Victoria talking about how she cannot be her most authentic self in a group situation. And like magic, there is a knock at the door, and a date card. 

The card promises a group date to Chelsea, Serena P., Abigail (first impression rose recipient), Sydney, Illeana, Kristen, Lauren, Jessenia, Serena C., Kit, Kylie, Katie, MJ, Mari, Pieper, Rachael, and Victoria. Matt says “I’m looking for the one.”  Mari announces what I didn’t have time to count – this date has 17 women! The scene ends with Victoria telling the group “don’t be negative tomorrow.” 

We go back to Matt and Bri talking about vulnerability, and not surprisingly, Bri gets a rose. And of course, fireworks go off outside, much to the shock of the women. Victoria continues to lament, and calls the other women crazy. The situation escalates, and Victoria packs up her bags (and furs?) and stomps off to the couch. 

The group date involves a wedding dress photoshoot (this feels recycled – can this be the last time we see this on a Bachelor date?). It is pouring rain. Franco the photographer is back to capture the wet moments. He gives the women 10 minutes to gown up.  Matt takes photos with each of the women. Everyone looks stunningly beautiful. Victoria produces a garter for her shoot and asks Matt to remove it, before proceeding to boldly make out with him in. 

The photoshoot is cut short when Chris Harrison appears to explain the next half of the date, which involves a game of “fighting” for Matt’s love. The group heads into the woods and Chris welcomes them again, explaining the game of “Capture the Heart”which involves dipping purses, bouquets, wedding cake, and paint. The winning team gets to spend the evening with Matt. The losing team goes home to wonder who is making out with Matt. 

Chris tells them there are no rules, and the women are split into teams, with no explanation of the division.  Wedding dresses are cut, and sashes are added. For the next several minutes, women are screaming and getting painted on. Eventually the red team wins, and the MVP award goes to Mari, from the gold team. She goes to join the red team on the date. The losers are sent home and the winners celebrate by spraying champagne. 

Everyone cleans up and the group is back in another lodge area and Matt sits downs to thank everyone for being a good sport, with the evening’s rose on full display.  The  one-on-one sit downs begin, starting with Lauren, 29, the attorney from Miami. 

Next for the sit-downs is Yessenia, who gets a kiss. The show cuts back to the group at Nemacolin, and Sarah from San Diego gets a date card. “Sky is the limit.” 

And then Victoria and Matt are having some one-on-one time. Victoria says “I have a lot of sides to me” and admits to having her own insecurities and having insecure thoughts. She said she wants to get to know him deeper. Matt challenges Victoria to continue to own who she is. Matt says he will walk her back upstairs, and Victoria asks for a kiss. 

Matt asks Laren for a moment alone and grabs the rose as he walks out of the room. She gets the group date rose and they proceed to kiss. I am happy for Lauren, she is smart and beautiful. 

The group date ends. Maybe it’s editing, but it seems like a lot of the women didn’t get much time with Matt. Victoria continues to complain about the date. 

After a commercial break, we are on the Sarah and Matt airplane date. Yay! As a pilot, I would like to be the official aviation consultant of the Bachelor. 

 Sarah arrives at the meet up spot, looking gorgeous, and confesses she had “longest walk of my life.” I cannot help but wonder how long that walk was. Sara says the old airplane looks like the first plane ever invented. 

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Pro-tip: if you are going in an open cockpit airplane put your hair up! 

They have a picnic after the flight and the conversation shifts to talking about family. Sarah hints and the situation with her family. Matt directly asks how her dad asks about her coming on the show, and Sarah talks about being close with her dad, but doesn’t open up. Matt says in his side in the moment he can tell she is struggling with talking about something. 

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The dinner portion of the date starts, and Sarah confesses she is nervous to talk about her family situation, and being vulnerable. She finally opens up. I have no problem with being private about family, but it is odd that she posted publicly on social media about her dad’s condition and now claims (to Matt) to be extremely private. Hmm. 

I don’t think we can claim to be be extremely private while being on a TV show and posting about our lives on Social Media. Not sure what to make of Sarah, but I am rooting for her. 

After a heartfelt conversation, Sarah gets the rose. 

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Next up we have the cockptail ceremony leading up to the rose ceremony, we see Matt arrive in a red Porsche, with the ladies waiting patiently. 

Abigail gets the first sit down with Matt, and they talk about some secret signals. Marylynn, 28, from Studio City, CA, sits down with Matt, and he strangely gives her an orchid.  

Victoria chimes in and decides Marylynn is toxic and has toxic energy. She then decides to pull Matt aside and say Marylynn is straight-up toxic. Matt promises to get to the bottom of it. Oh boy. 

Matt pulls Marylynn aside, who nervously asks “Am I in trouble?” This is not answered before the show goes to a commercial. 

Victoria speaks with the women about how shocking and awful Marylynn has. Matt says he just had a conversation with Victoria, and says Victoria mentions hurtful things Marylynn said to Victoria.  This all feels extremely manipulative. 

Marylynn says she is not the type of person that would spite anyone, or to get involved in drama. 

Matt says he is concerned and has a lot to think about, and rather abruptly ends the conversation. Matt says in an ITM that this is a “she said, she said.” Marylynn comes back to talk to Victoria, and the tense situation escalates. Victoria rolls her eyes and says she’s listening, but that the two are oil and vinegar. Victoria says Marylynn is too much and storms off. 

Credit ABC

Then Victoria says Marylynn is “straight-up crazy.” 

MJ, 23, from Ohio says causing drama is not the way to go about this. On point. 

Credit ABC

With the situation unresolved Chris comes in to announce it is time for the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison and Matt discuss the Victoria and Marylynn situation briefly, Matt says he will follow his gut. 

Matt starts off saying he believes his wife is in the room, but that he heard some things that were concerning. The roses are handed out to Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie, Serena C. And then, Sarah (who already has a rose) stumbles/ walks off, saying she was seeing stars and blacking out. The medic is called, and the episode ends. The promo for next week promises “chaos ensues.”

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